About Us

If you have ever visited Clary’s Café, then you know that they’re about far more than the food. It is a place full of nostalgia and intriguing characters. It is a colorful mosaic of times and people and the bonds that have formed throughout the years. The feelings of home and family are evident when you walk through the door. As you look around at all of the knickknacks, paintings, family pictures and memorabilia that form its décor, you may wonder how a drugstore could have evolved into what you see now…..World Famous Clary’s Café. For the answers you need, look no further than the people. The customers, employees, and owners all bring their own colors and strokes to the canvas. And as strange and mismatched as they may seem, they all come together to form something beautiful and unique. Those faces and voices have given themselves to make Clary’s what it is today. Maybe you will be moved to come visit and add your face, your voice, and a bit of yourself to the Clary’s Café family.


404 Abercorn St.
Phone: (912) 233-0402
Fax: (912) 232-9278

8am -2pm Daily due to the COVID19